Returning Student Room Selection Process

a SIMPLE GUIDE to THE  Returning Student room selection Process...

The Returning Student Room Selection Process is an on-line process that takes place on Self-Service THD. The typical timeline of the process is as follows:

March Housing Application Available and due the week after Spring break
End of March/Early April TH Group & HH Roommate Pairing
End of April  Room Selection


Please check back in early March to see the specific dates for the upcoming process. Please also check your MCLA email for more information about the process as we get closer to March.

Housing Application Submission Process 

Students must submit their Housing Application by the deadline to participate in the Room Selection Process. Meeting the deadline means that you can select your room and apartment assignment before other students who submit their applications at a later date. The Housing Application consists of the Residence Area Occupancy Agreement (RAOA) and some general assignment questions. To access the Housing Application:

  • Students will login into their Self-Service THD
  • Go to the Applications section
  • Complete the Residence Area Occupancy Agreement

After submitting the Housing Application, students should consider which residence area they would like to live in and with whom they would like to live. We have created an exclusive Facebook page where students can make roommate and apartment mate connections, People Looking for People. If you have a group with one or more vacancies or are looking to join a group with one or more vacancies, placing a post on this page has proven to be VERY successful in the past.

In order to form a Townhouse apartment group, it is important to understand the "rules" of apartment group formation and the occupancy of various types of apartments.

  • Students must fill each bed in the apartment without any vacancies. 
  • Groups must consist of either four or six individuals in order to fill each bed in an apartment.  All apartment housing is in Phase II of the Complex (T37-T88).  All four-person apartments in Phase 11 have the same design occupancy and all six-person apartments in Phase II have the same design occupancy.

Students requesting to live in Hoosac Hall can participate in Room Selection Process alone or with a selected roommate. If you enter the process alone, your rank will be based on the number of academic credits you have completed. If you go into the process with a selected roommate, the number of completed credits for each of you will be added together and averaged to create a completed credits rank.

A floor map of Hoosac Hall has been provided for your reference. There are eighteen design doubles and 2 design singles on a Hoosac Hall floor. Students living in Hoosac Hall are expected to live by design occupancy. Returning students are housed on two floors in Hoosac Hall. 

Hoosac Hall 1st Floor - Returning Students 12 Premium Singles 2 Design Singles
Hoosac Hall 7th Floor - Returning Students 18 Rooms mix of Doubles & Premium Singles 2 Design Singles


Roommate/Apartment Mate Pairing Process 

During this part of the process, students will make a final determination as to which residence area they would like to live. Students seeking housing in Hoosac Hall should pair up with another student for a double room. Students seeking housing in the Flagg Townhouse Apartment Complex will determine with whom they will form an apartment group.

Students will then login into their Self-Service THD and request each other to pair up. The roommate/apartment pairing process is much like a Facebook Friend request. Students will search for the individual they are looking for and send a request. The requested student then has to accept the request to form the pair/group.

Roommate pairings and groups can be broken or adjusted at anytime during the process. If you do not get your desired first selection you may need to consider adding other students to your group or pairing to fit what spaces are available.

Room Selection Process 

During the last part of the process, students select their actual assignments on Self-Service THD. This is done via a ranking system that is based on the number of academic credits earned. In the Townhouse selection process, the rankings of all the members of an apartment group are added and averaged to create a group rank.  In Hoosac Hall, the ranking for each student will be based on the number of academic credits each individual has earned. From this the groups/pairings/individuals are given a pick time. It is important to remember that a student can only see rooms available that fit the group/pairing size they have formed. If they do not see any rooms available for that size it means all of those spaces have already been selected and they will need to reform their group size. 

Individuals who do not form groups and do not get a pick time that allows them a single in Hoosac Hall will be the last to select in the process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some of the most frequently asked questions. Take a few moments to read the answers to be sure you are fully informed about the process!

Assistance is Always Available!

Just contact the Office of Residence Life & Housing by sending an e-mail to or calling 413-662-5249.