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The Trailblazer Hub is your one stop shop for important news and updates, quarterly newsletters, and a way to register for announcements that go out via email. The Office of New Student Programs & Family Engagement is committed to keeping families and Trailblazer Teams Members engaged in the life of MCLA.


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As a Trailblazer Team Member of a student, you may have concerns about your student's well-being. If those concerns involve their mental health, the Counseling Center staff is here to provide your student with a variety of services and support. Our staff consists of experienced professionals who are dedicated to aiding students in navigating the excitement and challenges of adjusting to their “home away from home.” All our services are free and confidential.

The transition from home to campus can bring up feelings of 

  • Homesickness
  • Loneliness
  • Anxiety
  • Stress 

Campus life can present new and unique situations for students no matter if this is their first time away at college or they are a returning student. If your student is expressing any of these feelings or has shared other issues they are facing, we want you to know that there is staff here to help. Sometimes a solution can be as easy as having someone in your corner to listen to what is going on and provide a safe place to talk.



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MCLA Health Services is here to support your students wellness needs.  We offer comprehensive medical care with a special focus on the college health needs of our students. We can diagnosis, treat, order labs, and write prescriptions to treat all common illnesses and injuries. The staff can also evaluate your student when they are seriously sick or ill and can assist them to local urgent or emergent facilities in the community. 


Your Student and their Needs

You may be accustom to providing many things for your students needs, but we want you to know that MCLA is going to support the needs for your student. Please use the information below to help you understand our programs and services.

Housing and Roommates


Health & Wellness



Campus Safety

Emergency Response

Student Conduct and Community Standards


Who do they call if...

Student Engagement

Identity Development and Support

Transition Support (from first year through senior year)

Supporting Student Independence and Development

Conversations to have with your student

What to expect and how your relations with your student with evolve

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Jenn Labbance
Director of New Student Programs and Family Engagement