Honors Fall 2022 Courses

ANTH 130H Honors: Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology

Introduces students to the basic concepts, theories, and methodologies of sociocultural anthropology. Creates an awareness of the wide spectrum of cultural variation throughout the world. Demonstrates that through the study of anthropology, we may not only gain an understanding of "exotic" cultures, but also of our own sociocultural experience.

BADM 440H Honors: Advanced Leadership

Examines various topics in leadership studies, both current and historical. Emphasis will be placed on exploring and developing the student's personal leadership philosophy, style, and approach. Possible topics could include operational, strategic, and ethical considerations within today's dynamic social, corporate, and non-profit environment. Additional research component will be required of students taking this course for honors credit.

ENGL 250H Honors: Introduction to Literature

Seeks to develop each students' ability to understand and respond to a variety of literary texts by repeated practice in textual explication through discussion and written work. While most readings will be drawn from poetry, drama and prose fiction, the course will also embrace, where appropriate, texts drawn from mass media.

ENVI 150H Honors: Introduction to Environmental Systems

Provides an interdisciplinary foundation in the physical, chemical and biological principles of environmental science in order to explore earth's terrestrial, aquatic and atmospheric systems. Historical case studies illustrate political and ethical dimensions of environmental issues. Lab exercises familiarize you with the forest and freshwater environments of the northeast and how the scientific method is used to analyze and understand the relation between humans and the natural environment. Required laboratory.

ENVI 340H Honors: Environmental Law

Studies the development of American consciousness toward the environment throughout our nation's history, emphasizing the political, economic and social forces at work in the consequent creation of United States environmental law. This law will then be considered in detail through the examination of federal, state and local environmental protection legislation, regulations and related court decisions.

HONR 210 Director's Book Course

Reading of a single text chosen by students in the Commonwealth Honors Program. The text is discussed and augmented by student presentations on related topics. Includes teamwork with Commonwealth honors students at other campuses, perhaps meeting with the book's author and attending lectures on specific related topics. Course lasts seven weeks.

HONR 550 Commonwealth Scholar Thesis Research

Independent research, writing, and editing of a Commonwealth Scholar thesis under the direction of a faculty sponsor and the director(s) of the honors program. Program of study to be approved in the previous semester, and culminating in a public presentation and defense of the thesis. This course is repeatable for a maximum of 6 credits.

PHIL 375H Honors: Ethics and Animals 3 cr

Explores the potentially morally significant relationships between humans and various kinds of non-human animals. Explores moral propositions that we, as a society, subscribe to, to see whether they have unacknowledged implications for non-humans.