Berkshire Towers

Berkshire towers

Berkshire Towers is a suite-style, twin-towered residence area. Each floor of the Towers has three suites. Each suite has three to five bedrooms, a bathroom and a lounge. The majority of rooms in the Towers are doubles, however, a limited number of single and premium single rooms are available. Berkshire Towers is smoke- and tobacco-free and alcohol-prohibited. Berkshire Towers is ADA accessible. 

Berkshire Towers is open to first year and returning students.

Berkshire Towers is currently off-line for this academic year.



Berkshire Tower Rooms

Berkshire Towers Room

Room Facts:

  • 1 Twin XL bed and mattress per student
  • 1 Wardrobe per student
  • 1 Dresser per student
  • 1 Desk per student
  • 1 Desk Chair per student
  • 1 Pedestal with drawers per student
  • 1 MicroFridge per room
Berkshire Towers Room

Room Dimensions:

  • Berkshire Towers Double Room
    • Room - 11' x 15'
    • Window - 32"W x 72"L (2 windows in double room)
  • Berkshire Towers Single Room
    • Room - 7' x 11'
    • Window - 32"W x 72"L
  • Berkshire Towers Premium Single Room
    • Room - 7' x 24'
    • Window - 32"W x 72"L (2 windows in premium single room)

Building Resources

  • Shared lounge in each suite
  • Wifi throughout the building
  • Laundry Room
  • Large lounge/community space on the on main level
  • Community kitchen
  • Front desk staffed 24 hours during academic semester
  • Gender inclusive bathrooms

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