Define measurable SLOs for your program to target.

Student Learning Outcomes, or SLOs, are used to clearly define what you want students to gain from their time with you: the priority skills, knowledge, and dispositions related to the content of your programming.  SLOs should be defined at all levels, from major assignments, to courses, to departments and the college experience.

Writing Outcomes

A helpful tool for beginning to write measurable SLOs is the SWBAT (“students will be able to”) format:

Students will be able to {action verb} [condition].

  • SWBAT: Keeps the focus on student learning
  • {action verb}: Keeps the outcome measurable
  • [condition]: Keeps relation to curriculum

Example: Students will be able to write measurable learning outcomes.

Measuring Outcomes

The Canvas LMS has a number of helpful tools to track SLOs.  The video below is a tutorial on how and why to use the Outcomes feature in Canvas, presented by MCLA's Director of Assessment Erin Milne and Associate Director of Academic Technology Gerol Petruzella during Instructurecon 2017.